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Thank you for coming to my little corner of the internet!

You can usually find me organizing, editing, and dreaming up new ideas/projects to be done around the house! My husband just loves it haha ;)

I haven't always been a photographer or ever thought that I would be one! I have 2 college degrees in Dental Hygiene and Dental Hygiene Education. I practiced in clinic for 6 years before I decided that Photography was my true calling and passion.

While DeNucci is my maiden name, I started my business before my marriage and decided to leave it!

I have always been known for capturing moments in time with photos! From a little kid, I would always be the one directing the moment to fit my frame! When my dad was lost in our house fire, the only possession I had left were my photos of him, which is the only thing I could've asked for. They are my most precious possessions! 

I currently live north of Cushing, WI on 30 acres with my husband, Colin, our new son, Daxton, and our 2 dogs, Callie and Kolt. We enjoy spending time outdoors and with our crazy friends and families! 

I'm never afraid of hiking/climbing/laying on the ground to get the shot I want! You'll usually find me wearing muck boots to a session just in case I need to hop in the water/mud at a moments notice! 

Enough about me, let me learn about you!

Visit the 'Contact' Page to email or my facebook page at 


~Kasie :)

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